Voices of Our Campaign: Ed LaRow ’59, Ph.D.

Ed LaRow ’59, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology
Director of Siena-Albany Medical College Program

Ed LaRow 500Hanging on Ed LaRow’s office wall are photos of each Siena-Albany Medical College Program graduating class. He points to them from his desk and says, “This is why I’ve stayed here.”

LaRow has taught at Siena College for 45 years, developing the prestigious Siena-AMC program, now entering its 27th year, and preparing countless students to become physicians. The heart of the Siena-AMC program is its Summer of Service where students travel to third-world countries and visit clinics, step outside their comfort zone, learn about other cultures and develop a greater desire to work in medicine.

“Our traditional (pre-med) students never had that benefit,” LaRow said.

LaRow wants to give every pre-med student that kind of “life-changing” experience, so he created the Global Medical Volunteers Program. He says this is necessary because it has proved so valuable to the Siena-AMC students. It will provide that same kind of experience to Siena’s traditional pre-med students, making them more desirable for top medical schools and residency programs.

As LaRow reflects on his career at Siena, the students who have gone through the program and the alumni with whom he keeps in touch, it all comes back to one thing.

“Teaching was always what I wanted to do,” he said.

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