Voices of Our Campaign: David ’73 and Christine Spicer ’75 Stack

David ’73 and Christine Spicer ’75 Stack

Lead Donors to the Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Stack Family 500Dave and his wife Christine have deep connections with Siena College. They met at Siena, they were married at Siena, their children were baptized at Siena and many of their family and friends attended Siena.

They continue their relationship with Siena as active alumni and Dave serves on the Board of Trustees. David and Christine made the lead gift to the Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. They hope that this gift will provide students with the experiences and faculty expertise so that they can become the business leaders of the next generation.

“Thanks to the experience of ‘Innovate-Create-Accelerate’ at Siena, students enter the business world armed with their Franciscan values and will truly make a difference.” Christine said.

Dave sees the Stack Center as a “differentiator.”

Siena’s strong Franciscan values, liberal arts foundation and entrepreneurial expertise are helping students build their own businesses, providing opportunities to combine the skills developed in the classroom with creativity, curiosity and commitment to the community. “If you can guide very bright people who have that entrepreneurial bug, I think that is probably the best we can do for them,” said Dave.