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Transforming the delivery and financing of STEM education at Siena.

The Stewart’s Advanced Instrumentation & Technology (SAInT) Center will involve partnerships with several key industry leaders in scientific instrumentation to provide unique training, research and educational opportunities for Siena College students and the local community. Formation of this center will establish Siena as a leader in scientific instrumental resources and training. The services provided by the center to external users will help bolster the College’s connection with local institutions and companies, while fostering Siena’s core Franciscan values.

SAInT Button 200The formation of the SAInT Center involves several educational initiatives that with necessary funding could be part of the center including:

  • New Instrumentation Minor and/or Certificate Program
  • Online course opportunities
  • Science cooperative study program
  • Three-year Science graduation plan and calendar

Moreover, each instrument in the center will be incorporated into relevant coursework to significantly redefine the current curriculum. Integrating state-of-the-art equipment in the classroom creates unprecedented exposure to emerging technologies and techniques that provide students with critical and essential skills for entry into the workforce.

  • “How can we use technology as a tool to recreate the entire college experience? How can we provide a better education to more people for less money?”

    - Bill Gates

  • “We’ll reward schools that develop new partnerships with colleges and employers, and create classes that focus on science, technology, engineering, and math – the skills today’s employers are looking for to fill jobs right now and in the future.”

    - President Barack Obama, February 2013

Voices of Our Campaign

Allycia Barbera

Allycia Barbera ’11

Medicinal Chemist at AMRI

As a chemist, Barbera spends most of her day at a fume hood – a lab space where she uses instruments to characterize and isolate chemical compounds as part of drug discovery. She “makes molecules,” which will hopefully end up as a drug undergoing clinical tests.


Allan Weatherwax, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Science
Professor of Physics

Siena’s School of Science has $7.6 million in active grants, including many that support collaborative research between students and faculty. Leading the charge in undergraduate research is Allan Weatherwax, Ph.D., dean of the School of Science and professor of physics.



Stewart's Advanced Instrumentation & Technology (SAInT) Center

$1.2 mil. committed
to $3 mil. goal

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