Academic Community Engagement (ACE)

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The Spirit of a Siena Education.

Academic and Community Engagement (ACE) has grown from a small staff with the founding Siena College AmeriCorps VISTA Fellows Program to nine staff members and more than 200 students and 30 postgraduates involved in community engagement initiatives.

Opportunities for undergraduates to engage with the community have grown. ACE now offers a Certificate in Community Development as well as new fellowship and leadership opportunities.

Recently, ACE partnered with State Employees Federal Credit Union (SEFCU) to announce the Nonprofit Excellence, Consulting Services, and Training (NEXT) opportunity for undergraduates to take their community engagement interest to the next level.

  • Involves more than 200 students a year in long-term, academically grounded service at local nonprofits
  • $1 of donation/investment transforms into $2.75 of impact on not-for-profit partners
  • ACE works with more than 30 not-for-profit partners

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Naming Opportunities

Academic Community Engagement ($1,000,000)
Endow $50,000 of the executive director’s compensation and receives overall program naming rights.
Brings incoming freshmen community service award recipients to campus a week early to prepare them for the Siena College student experience as deeply engaged student service leaders.
Capital Region Summer Service Scholars Program ($25,000 each)
Supports current Siena students who propose a full-time summer service project in collaboration with a local Capital Region nonprofit.
International Summer Service Scholars Program ($25,000 each)
Supports current Siena students who propose a full-time international summer service project in collaboration with one of Siena’s international nonprofit partner organizations.
Annual Senior Service Scholar Symposium ($40,000)
Supports an annual event to recognize the significant achievements of Service Scholars in their integrated academic and service senior projects.
National Service Networking Fund ($25,000 each)
Supports the participation of Service Scholars in regional and national conferences focused on service and civic engagement and community development efforts of higher education.
Rural Poverty Service Program ($25,000 each)
Supports student participation in service trips that exposes them to the unique challenges and solution to rural poverty in America. Endow students travel for one week to a rural area for service project. Students currently pay half of the travel and living costs.
Supports student leadership and research to develop answers to challenges faced by community development nonprofits in the Capital Region. Cost to support research and work of 50-75 students annually. This is currently funded out of existing endowment or College operating budget.
Supports four graduating Service Scholars for a postgraduate year of service in the Capital Region who propose innovative community development projects and will utilize the year to implement those projects. This is currently funded by annual federal grant and income generated by the work of the postgraduates.




$2.9 mil. committed
to $2.5 mil. goal

Original Goal Exceeded!Let's Keep Going