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Jeffrey R. Immelt H’15, CEO of GE, Has Advice for Siena Graduates

On Sunday, May 10 Siena College proudly proclaimed Jeffrey R. Immelt H’15 a son of Siena forever. In turn, he shared some of his life-lessons with the Class of 2015.

“I will give you three words to capture an optimistic framework for yourself. First, authenticity. Know how to connect with diverse people from different backgrounds. Give them a piece of yourself. Second, transparency. It is no longer enough to just tell the truth. You must be open in spirit and conduct. Lastly, unity. The divisiveness of our recent past must end. People want to unite behind a mission.”

“Have a purpose; if you know where you are going, you can’t be shaken. Learn and drive change; your education empowers you to think your way through any problem. Take risks; bet on yourself with innovation and determination. Value team success; work on things that are bigger than yourself, and bring people with you. Stay humble and optimistic; learn from failure but lead with hope.”

The day was commemorated by a tour of the Stewart’s Advanced Instrumentation and Technology (SAInT) Center, the dedication of the GE Lounge within the Morrell Science Center, and a celebratory lunch with over 70 of the 350 Siena alumni currently employed by GE.