Donor Honor Roll

Siena College would like to thank all of the donors to Living Our Tradition: The Campaign for Siena College.

Donations from June 1, 2011 – December 31, 2014
Bold Type Indicates a Deceased Donor
Report of Gifts to Siena 2012-13
Siena Hall
$1,000,000 and Above
Anonymous Donor
Laurie Kowalczyk ’80 and Thomas Baldwin Jr. ’81
James E. Cushing H’58
The Dake Family/Stewart’s Shops
John J. Dawson ‘68
Holy Name Province
Douglas A. ’66, Ph.D., and Cristine M. Lonnstrom
George T. ‘54 and Sally M. Maloney
The John D. Picotte Family Foundation
David M. ‘73 and Christine M. (Spicer) ‘75 Stack
J. Spencer H’04 and Patricia H. H’04 Standish
Dr. Dell N. and Audrey L. Thompson
Trustco Bank Corp, NY/Robert A. H’07 and Anne McCormick/
       Robert J. ‘87 and Lynn M. McCormick
Gino H’05 and Whilma Turchi
Dennis L. Winger ‘69 and Barbara L. Waldman

$500,000 – $999,999
Anonymous Donor
Ronald E. ‘85 and Catherine M. (Casey) ‘85 Bjorklund
Allan E. ‘59 and Sherry S. Gandler
Douglas T. Hickey ‘77 and Dawn Ross
National Endowment for the Humanities
Kenneth M. Jr. and Patricia J. Raymond
Richard and Joan Rosetti
Siena College Alumni Association, Inc.
The Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation, Inc.

$250,000 – $499,999
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Gloria M. Ballien
Armand G. Maldonado ‘81 and Virginia L. Darrow ‘83
Follett Higher Education Group
Robert L. ‘68 and Charlotte C. Guido
Michael M. ‘67 and Kate Hayes
McCarthy Charities, Inc.
Steven B. and Judy A. (Capano) ‘87 Michaelson
Joseph H. ‘60 and Barbara Miller
James J. ‘66 and Kathleen E. Morrell
John F. Jr. ‘79 and Kellyanne (Healey) ‘81 Murray
Paul L. Netter ’94
John J. Nigro H’13
Sidney ‘78 and Ilene Stein

$100,000 – $249,999
Anonymous Donor
Robin N., M.D. and Willard A. II ‘94 Anderson
Bradley W. ‘82, Esq. and Lisa A. (Matheu) ‘85 Bodmer
Michael Bucci ‘73
Callanan Industries, Inc.
Robert F. ‘66 and Janet A. Campbell
Robert T. ‘77 and Trudy E. (Evans) ‘77 Cushing
John P. Jr. ‘81 and Dena Jo Finneran
Paul L. and Patricia Gioia
Kerry A. ’79 and Patricia Fitzgibbons ’79 Guthrie
Graham Hunter Foundation, Inc.
Gene P. Jannotti ‘68
Walter T. Kicinski ‘62 and Davia B. Temin
Donald ’75 and Barbara Lucarelli
Guy T. ‘89 and Diane M. (Shea) ‘89 Maddalone
John E. Jr. ‘76 and Joanne (Fitzpatrick) ‘80 Maloy
The Massry Family
William P. ‘68 and Elizabeth C. McGoldrick
John A. ‘71 and Joanne McMahon
Michael R. ‘74, M.D. and Colleen E. O’Leary, M.D.
William R. Raub Memorial Foundation
Patrick R. Riley ‘69 and Carol J. Cusick Riley
Mark S. ‘65 and Elice J. Rose
Diane, M.D. and Edward P. ‘69, Esq. Ryan
Lawrence and Shari L. (Golub) ‘86 Schillinger
Francis H. Jr. ‘66 and Deborah Trombly
James C. ’64 and Diana A. Venter
John J. ‘83, M.D. and Lynn Walker
James M. and Marianne Walter

St. Francis

$50,000 – $99,999
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
George I. Alden Trust
Richard H. Alfred, M.D.
BBL Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Thomas J. Jr. and Regina A. Burke
Thomas ’61 and Lana Carney
Leo ’55 and Mary Ellen Cornelius
Gerald M. ‘68 and Regina DeFrancisco
David A. DelGrosso ‘51
Gary P. ‘71 and Nancy DiCresce
Anthony G. Duffy ‘80
William F. and Sharon M. (Casey) ‘76 Duker
Gerald L. ‘94 and Rebecca (Oliver) ‘94 Esposito
Christopher J. and Jacqueline R. (Rosetti) ‘84 Falvey
Salvatore D. ‘77, Esq. and Donna Ferlazzo
Richard E. Sr. ‘55 and Jean G. Fitzgerald
Howard S. ‘74 and Susan S. Foote
James E. ‘78, Esq. and Theresa K. Girvin
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
John R. ‘80 and Mary E. (Ryan) ‘83 Held
Martin ’50 and Joyce Kenosian
Edmund F. ‘51 and Jane M. Kolakowski
Robert ’91 and Jillian Mack
Christopher J. ‘77 and Carleen N. Madden
Kristian B. ‘96 and Kristen L. Mariaca
Michael T. Marsallo ’93 and Dr. Chandra M. Ivey
Merrill Lynch and Co., Inc.
Stephen J. ’83 and Jeanne M. Obermayer
The Pepsi Bottling Group
Estate of Helen Petera
Gerald D. Jr. ‘86 and MaryEllen Pucci
Elaine C. (Kelsey) Ramundo ‘84
Francis L. ‘58 and Esther M. Roddy
Peter N. ’93 and Lisa A. (Serafino) ’93 Ruggiero
Scot R. ‘88 and Carol Salvador
Anthony Schmitz Jr. and Roselle Laza-Schmitz
Edwin T. Sells ’68 and Eveline Ward-Sells
Edward T. Jr. ’64 and Anne Sheehan
John R. ‘75 and Mary T. (Ebert) ‘74 Sise
Douglas B., D.D.S. and Sabita P. Smail, D.D.S.
John H. and Dorothy M. Scully Trust
Kevin M. ‘85 and Claudia (Casey) ‘85 Silk
Jacob Smit ’58
Christopher H. Wilk and Christine L. Standish
TA Instruments – Waters LLC
Timothy M. ‘80 and Katherine Tattam
Alessandro J. ‘96 and Gina M. Tronco
Raphael M. Verdile, Jr., M.D.
Edwin F. III, M.D. and Cherie Williams
Ted ’63 and Sheila Winnowski
Stanley K. Wojeski

$25,000 – $49,999
Christopher ’89 and Lisa (Gill) ’90 Alfieri
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Craig T. Allen ’91
Thomas L. ‘89 and Christine E. Amell
Bernard J. ‘92 and Jennifer A. (Smith) ‘92 Angelo
Stephen J. ’87 and Cathleen E. (Murray) ’88 Anglim
John W. ‘86 and Meg Atkinson
Marshall L. Baldwin ‘56
James J. ‘66, Esq. and Rose Barba
Patricia A. Bayly
Alexander ’01 and Sheri Berberian
Kevin M. and Kathleen A. Bette
Riley J. and Lillian N. Warren and Beatrice Blanding Foundation
Joseph F. Jr. ‘75 and Elizabeth Bond
Alan Boulos, M.D. and Maria Theresa A. (Bajas) ‘90, M.D. Boulos
Steven P. ‘67 and Rosemarie Boyle
Bruker Optics, Inc.
Brian W. Bull ‘96 and Amanda J. Cullen Bull ‘97
Kevin P. ‘85, Esq. and Gina Burke
Dr. Dmitry Burshteyn and Dr. Elina Burstyn
Salvatore D. Catalano ‘57 and Corinne H. Bloomer
Leo ’91 and Minkou Chenete
Tung W. Cheng and Katy R. Chiang
Antonio ’91 and Maria Civitella
Jeffrey W. ‘79 and Susan Connelly
Casey B. ’94, D.M.D., and Mary Cook
Richard J. ’76 and Susan Cote
Thomas M. ‘69 and Patricia Cullen
Robert M. and Linda A. Curley
Vincent A. DePasquale ‘66
Paul N. ‘81 and Jean L. (Meyer) ‘81 DiCaprio
Darren and Danielle Donohue
Todd J. ‘03 and Crystin Drowlette
Daniel Elacqua
Anthony J. Farone ’65
The Dominic F. Ferraioli Foundation
Thomas L. and Mary E. (Blowe) ‘82 Finn
Michael E. ’52, D.D.S. and Margaret M. Fleming
John H. Genovese ‘76, Esq. and Lauren G. Harrison
P. Anthony and Denise Gorman
Jason A. ‘92 and Patricia Gottlieb
The Harlow Family
Steven M. ‘85 and Joan Hart
Andrew A. ‘88 and Lorraine A. (Lanci) ‘89 Heck
Daniel J. Jr. ’67 and Ellen Hogarty
Richard D. Jr. ‘89 and Marie A. Holahan
Edward P. Jr. ‘87 and Bridget T. (Dee) ‘87 Hourihan
John M. and Frances J. (Verdile) ’86 Howard
M. Brian ‘73 and Marta Pat Hughes
Hugoton Foundation
Raymond G. Kammer Jr.
Gary L. and Jean D. Keehfus
Mark C. Lamonte ‘90 and Annamaria Mersits
Steven L. ‘73, Ph.D. and Gayle L. Lamy
Mary Frances LaRosa
Lawrence D. Le Clerc ‘53
Slade M. LedDuke ‘07
John T. Leonard ‘64
Christopher ’97 and Andrea Stewart ’97 Litchfield
George E. Martin
Anthony J. and Joyce M. Mashuta
Frederick G. Miller ‘61
James H. Murray III
Mohawk Fine Papers
John T. Jr. and Diane Nealon
Northwestern Mutual Life Fdn., Inc
Stephen J. ‘83 and Jeanne M. Obermayer
Mark J. O’Brien ’95, Esq.
Mary Beth O’Brien
Christopher ’05 and Alexandre Padden
Neerav R. ’00 and Dolly Patel
Pioneer Bank
Douglas ’85, Esq. and Catherine (Schelhorn) ’84 Poetzsch
Peter F. and Robin E. (Leonard) ‘85 Prunty
Frank J. ’66 and Mary Ellen Pugliano
John J. ‘78 and Barbara R. Puig
Fr. Mark G. Reamer ’83, O.F.M.
The Review Foundation
Sean F. ‘94 and Michelle Rose
Richard G. Rosetti ’87
Bernhard J. ‘88 and Karen M. (Fulcher) ‘88 Scholz
James S. ‘87 and Caroline Scully
James and Beverly Sefcik
James and Sandra A. Serbalik
Richard P. and Theresa A. Sleasman ’79
David B. ‘79 and Alicia Smith
Mark A. Smith ‘91 and Linda H. Kamisato
State Farm Insurance Companies
Stichting Benevolentia
Darryl W. ’94 and Kathryn L., Esq., Teal
Derek J. ‘98, M.D. and Nimmi M. (Menachery) ‘98 Trapasso, M.D.
Barbara J. Tryon
Turner Construction Company
Robert L. and Susan Ungerer
Mark L. and Karen M. (DeBlieux) ‘83 Vachon
Benjamin Velazquez Jr. ’93
Xilinx, Inc.

Siena Banner

$10,000 – $24,999
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
John L., Esq. and Mary Ann Allen
Mary P. Apps
The Ayco Company LP, a Goldman Sachs Company
Christopher ’85 and Linda Baldwin
William M. ’68 and Karen Barrett
Stephen ’05 and Danielle (O’Neill) ’06 Barretta
Michael ’80 and Joyce Bassett
Bernard & Millie Childrens Foundation
Patricia M. (O’Connor) ‘85 and Michael Baum
John and Laurie Bebb
George A. ‘71 and Susan (Saacke) ‘74 Bergmann
William and Penny Black
C. Robie Booth
Edward F. ’62 and Colleen W. Butler
Silvestro J. ‘87 and Linda M. (Reschke) ‘87 Calabrese
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Richard A. and Lou Ann Carlstrom
Kenneth L. ’79 and Karen E. Carter
John R. ‘67 and Camille B. Casey
Robert J. and Rosemary (Schiavo) ‘83 Chersi
Douglas P. ‘77 and Margaret R. (Lanzafame) ‘76 Colbeth
Orion J. ‘93, M.D. and Mary Colfer, M.D.
The Community Foundation/Foy Foundation
Michael P. Connors and Theresa Tyne Connors
Raymond F. Corcoran ‘51
Thomas P. and Lori A. (Moran) ’86 Corcoran
D. Joseph Corr ‘73 and Cherie Pash-Corr
Mark S. Crounse
Todd C. Curley ‘97 and Stacey A. Olechwski ‘00
John F. Curry ‘54
Hon. Mae A. D’Agostino ‘77
Johanna P. Daily ’84, M.D.
James S., Ph.D. and Claire Dalton
John and Carol A. ‘87 Dana
John M. D’Argenio and Laura Ledda
Dewar Foundation
Scott C. and Deanna V. Donnelly
James A. Donsbach ‘68 and Alis Simpson
Stuart G. Downing ‘95
Michael G. and Karen Duggan
Donald ’88 and Theodora Dybas
Robert F. ‘93, Esq. and Karen J. (Bubniak) ‘92 Elgidely
Herbert S. and Annmarie M. Ellis
Kenneth L. Ellis
Maureen Fairlie ‘76
Stephen A. ’63 and Judith Ferradino
Paul F. ’85 and Mary Beth (Sniffin) ’85 Finnerty
Jeanne Fitzgerald and Gordon Jevons
Michael J. and Heather G. (Connors) ‘89 Ford
John R. Giacoppi ‘94
Gilbane Building Company
Maryellen Gilroy, Ed.D.
Kevin M. and Donna M. (Freiberger) ‘83 Griffin
Gary L. ‘68 and Pamela Hache
Timothy P. Harrington ‘79
John J. ’66 and Kathy Harrison
Michael ’05 and Tara Hartigan
Betsey Harvey
Thomas J. ’78 and Barbara A. (Smith) ’78 Harvey
Robert R. ‘55, Ph.D. and Kathryn Hayden
John K. and Beth A. Hazelton
Paul and Margaret (Krill) ’82 Hondros
Edward M. Henry III ‘95 and Shirley Hung
Ryan M. ’02 and Marisa E. (Leary) ’02 Hungershafer
Peter M. ‘89 and Susan L. (Conway) ‘91 Iwanowicz
Janet Maria Jenson Paige ’79
Edward J. and Theresa Jones
Kasselman Electric Co., Inc.
Thomas W. ’62, NYS Supreme Court (Ret.) and Veronica G. Keegan
William and Deborah L. Kelly
Kelly Family Cuidiú Foundation
Meldon F. ’59 and Catherine A. Kelsey
Christian P. ‘91 and Kathleen F. (Casserly) ‘90 King
James J. and E. Julie Knox
Zuzanne Kristof and John R. Johnson ’75
Darren J. and Rebecca A. (Leonard) ’91 Langis
Dr. Edward ’59 and Nancy LaRow
John F. ‘92 and Beth Anne LaRow
Eleanor C. Lush
Kevin J. Maguire ’82
Denis N. ‘70 and Lynn H. Maiorani
George E. Martin
Francis and Margaret McCaffery
J. Kevin ‘87 and Kristen A. (Sexton) ‘87 McCarthy
Daniel J. Jr. ’69 and Irene McKillop
Lawrence F. ’88 and Heather McMahon
The A. C. Molinari Foundation, Inc.
James P. Monaghan ’88
Peter A. ‘87 and Denise Mortka
K. Mark Mottolese ’86
Hugh G. Mullane ‘89 and Catherine P. McCarthy
Deborah Murnin ‘91
Thomas J. ’80 and Linda M. (Gordon) ’79 Murphy
James H. Murray III
Norvest Financial Services, Inc.
Larren M., Esq. and Patricia (Ashe) ’89 Nashelsky
Dr. William F. ‘50 and Josephine O’Brien
Timothy D., Esq. and Colleen R. O’Hara
Hon. Edward M. ’66 and Kathryn Oles
Walter A. ‘87 and Catherina R. Osterman
Joseph M. Jr., Ph.D. H’12 and Patricia Ann Pastore
Anne M. Patenaude ‘79
William B. and Susan Picotte
Alexander Powhida ’96, Esq. and Yu-Chen Hsieh
LTC Byron F. ‘58, USA (Ret.) and Frances Prahm
James Karpen and Susan M. Premo ‘87
John ’56 and Mary Raila
Fr. Mark G. Reamer ‘83, O.F.M.
William E.’53, Esq. and Joan T. Redmond
Review Foundation, Inc.
The Lawrence and Blanche Rhodes Memorial Fund
John F. Kelly and Ruth F. Richards
Linda L. Richardson, Ph.D.
F. Thomas and Rosanne Roach
Thomas J. ’83 and Maria Roginski
Richard S. ’95 and Jessica L. (Sinsigalli) ’95 Rzeszotarski
Michelle M. (Iulo) ‘99 and Andrew Schoulder
LTC Paul C. ’85 and Cindy Scullion
Amy M. (Molinaro) ‘93, D.M.D. and Anthony B. Sementilli
Toros Shamlian Jr. ‘56
Gary F. ‘82 and Barbara Sheffer
Siena College Rugby Alumni
Ralph L. ’79 and Maggie Simone
John P. Smith ’61
Linda Kamisato and Mark Smith ’91
Vincent Sfara Sr. and Karen M. Smith-Sfara ‘79
Robert J. and Rosemary Sneeringer
St. Francis of Assisi Friary
Paul T. ‘79 and Lynnette R. Stec
Strategic Power Systems, Inc.
SunTrust Foundation
Frank Jr. and Kimberly Tedesco
Telecommunications Analysis Group, Inc.
Terranova International, LLC
Robert J. Tolomer ‘75
Dominick J. and Patricia E. Trimarchi
Paul A. ‘90 and Jill Vitti
Peter and Sonya ’03 Von Bortel
Robert S. ’84 and Mary L. (Mc Guire) ’84 Walsh
Shawn L. ‘80, Ph.D. and Mary M. (Leak) ‘80 Ward
Allan T. Weatherwax and Catherine M. Ushchak, M.D.
John C. Weaver ’59
Marcia Clark Wendth
Alfred M. and Laura M. Williams
John M. ’84 and Colleen K. Williams
Yankee Trails Inc./The Tobin Family

Below $10,000
We are extremely grateful to the many donors at this level who have supported Living Our Tradition: The Campaign for Siena College. Their gifts have accounted for over $5 million to date.

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