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  • “You donate to CURCA, you’re giving students an opportunity to distinguish him or herself.”

    - Cheryl Buff ’82, Ph.D., Director of CURCA & Associate Professor of Marketing

  • “Unquestionably, the greatest moment for me is when our students communicate with me as alumni and they tell me how Siena has made a difference in their lives. That’s truly rewarding.”

    - Len Cutler, Ph.D., Pre-Law Advisor & Professor of Political Science

  • “A lot of the opportunities I have had, as well as most other Siena students, would not have been possible without the support through the Annual Fund.”

    - Chris Donato ’14, American Studies Major, Broadcast and Society and Creative Arts Minor

  • “To endow the Pre-Law program is to invest in every student’s success.”

    - Christine Armstrong ’13, B.S. in Political Science, Pre-Law Certificate, Matriculated to Albany Law School

  • “What I’ve done for Siena will be around long after I’m gone and that makes me feel good.”

    - J. Spencer Standish H’04, Siena College Trustee Emeritus, Lead Donor to the Standish Honors Program

  • “The SSU renovation will enhance student engagement by providing a truly dedicated student space, seven days a week, for students to gather and interact with each other.”

    - Maryellen Gilroy, Ed.D., Vice President for Student Affairs

  • “(The McCormick Center) is the future of humanities education. Nationwide we’re moving to a hands-on learning model.”

    - Jen Dorsey, Ph.D., Director of the McCormick Center for the Study of the American Revolution, Associate Professor of History

  • “In order to leverage varsity athletics to promote Siena, we need to give our student athletes facilities that will make them better players and students and that will provide services to keep them healthy and that are attractive to future Siena student athletes.”

    - John D'Argenio, Director of Athletics

  • “That’s the heart of liberal arts for me. Making connections across disciplines and not remaining exclusively in one’s little silo.”

    - Lois Daly, Ph.D., Director of the Standish Honors Program, Professor of Religious Studies

  • “Many entrepreneurs share similar personal characteristics around risk-taking, creativity and persistence, but often their success is determined by how well they apply entrepreneurial business disciplines to minimize expensive mistakes. The Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship prepares them to be significantly more prepared to capitalize on the opportunities in front of them.”

    - Michael J. Hickey ’83, Director of the Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Executive in Residence

  • “I am fortunate to see firsthand the impact of scholarships. The generosity of alumni and friends of the College has helped thousands of students receive the education of a lifetime and move on to successful careers.”

    - Mary Lawyer '96, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

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